teen girl sewing at a sewing machineTeaching children to sew is very rewarding.  It builds self esteem, teaches one the lesson of completing a project, and to achieve success.

To be a good sewing teacher one needs PATIENCE.  Excellent sewing teachers must have patience while teaching students young and old while they each master skills at their level and at their own pace.

To be a good sewing teacher one must acknowledge and reward students.  Excellent sewing teachers have incentives, rewards, and give positive feedback to their students.  I use my awards ribbons, VERY EASY Sewing kits, sewing T-shirts, and sewing stationery as rewards for students, and also for birthday presents, Christmas presents, and end of the year presents.  You can purchase any of these items at any time on our website www.lovetosew.com.

To be a good sewing teacher one must be PREPARED.  Excellent sewing teachers are prepared at all times having ALL supplies right at hand for her students. Many books and patterns with simple and easy to sew directions for the students to choose from is a great preparation idea too.

To be a good sewing teacher one must realize that no one is perfect.  Excellent sewing teachers will never expect perfection in a child’s sewing ability.  Our biggest rule in our school is, “There are NO mistakes, just lessons learned.”

To be a good sewing teacher one must be ENCOURAGING. Excellent sewing teachers will encourage students to keep trying to improve their skills, and to slowly try projects of more difficulty when they are ready.  Our school not only encourages our students verbally, but also by encouraging them to enter local and national sewing contest.  This is one of my biggest reasons for having sewing contests; to encourage students to display their work, compete, and be proud of their work.  MOST OF OUR SEWING CONTESTS FOR KIDS GIVE AWARDS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERS.  Children are sensitive at a young age and you don’t want to discourage a child, this is why in most of our contests we give awards to ALL who enter.  At the same time, children need to learn that they will not always win or be first.

Most important, to be a good sewing teacher, one needs to have FUN. Excellent sewing teachers make the atmosphere relaxing with bright colors, positive attitudes, and have a “fun to sew, love to sew” outlook.

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  1. Sheila Buchanan
    | Reply

    Love your site and now that I am retired, I am seriously considering teaching sewing. Currently I teach one night a month at my church’s Women’s Ministry night. I have a project completely planned out and we make the item. I want to teach kids though how to start at the bottom. I have been on your site and love what I see but I cannot get the Sewing Classes to open up. A few of them will but I wanted to read from the beginning and see what the first project you gave was. How do I do this?

    • Judi @ Love to Sew Studio/Teach Others to Sew

      The sewing classes and workshops page is a list of all the ones that we have offered in the past 14 years. The ones that you can link on to go to their own page are the ones that we have made a page about with photos and important information about that class or workshop. Eventually they will all have their own page. It just takes a lot of time and it is just me doing the work, so keep an eye out on our “updates” page as we try and add new pages each week.

  2. Betty rojek
    | Reply

    Dear Judi
    Love seeing the pic
    Of your smiling face at a sewing machine.
    I moved to Detroit to teach inner city girls and women how to sew.
    I’m just beginning – where are you located? Would love to meet
    You, help you, have a comrade.

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