love to sew sewing studio with 3 sewing machinesThere are many reasons why my sewing studio became successful so quickly. But there are three main reasons that I’d like to share with you in great detail which are listed below. There are other little things to keep in mind that help with the success of opening any business that some people might think are not important at all, but they are to me. Like keeping the studio clean, having matching handmade sewing machine covers, having wall displays filled with fun and colorful projects that your students can make, having photos of your students with their accomplishments displayed in the room, and having your entrance way to the studio easily visible and accessible. I am very proud of my studio and what it has become over the years. I especially love my entrance way outside. I wanted my students and parents to feel happy, excited, and inspired before they even walked into the studio. My entrance way is filled with bright pink flowers, metal sewing art that I have found throughout the years, a decorative rock that says “Inspire”, and an old shutter I found in the trash that I refurbished into my sign. Below are some photos of the entrance way of my sewing studio.

All those little special things add up to a successful sewing studio, but here are the three MAIN reasons I feel my studio was and still is a success.

Reason 1: I Supply My Students With EVERYTHING!

Reason 2: I Have Created A Positive and Fun Environment!

Reason 3

In conclusion:

a pink garden with sewing things in it

the word SEW in a garden




a pink metal dress form in a garden

snow on a dress form making it look like a dress