a group of girl scouts showing their projects they sewed for their sewing badge.
A group of girl scouts showing their fringe fleece pillow they made to earn their sewing badge.

Teach Girls to Sew to Earn Their Sewing Badge.

I have had many requests to help Brownie and Girl Scout troops earn their sewing badges.  This is where I get many students who just fell in love with sewing and wanted to come to either classes or summer sewing camps.

When hosting a troop who is earning their badges, I have everyone make the same project.  I usually pick very easy projects since I am limited for time and space.  We may do a project like a windsock, a fleece fringe pillow, or a four-square pillow for the younger girls. For the older students sewing projects that are a little more difficult and involved to make might be something like a colorful ribbon pillow, or something trendy that they can use like a lined bag.

a little girl who is a brownie showing her fabric windsock she made to get her sewing badge
Here is seven year old Sarah showing her fabric windsock she made with her Brownie troop to earn her sewing badge.

I will usually take no more than 12 students, and I make sure I have at least 2 helpers. I do not charge much for this class and usually make no money on it.  That is a personal decision for me, because I used to be a Brownie and I think it is such a wonderful experience and I know they have a tight budget they need to work with.  It is up to you on what you want to charge.

You will not be providing the actual badge, you can not get them unless you are a leader. That is the job of the girl scout leader to order the actual badges. You will be teaching the girls certain skills and have them make a project so they can earn their badge. You do not have to teach them everything on the list, you would never have enough time. But you are required to teach/show at least 7 of the things on the list here: (This is a very old list-2007) I do not have access to an updated manual. Once again, you can get that from the girl scout leader.

1. How to do some hand-sewing stitches (running stitch, hemming stitch, slipstitch, catch stitch)
2. How to do some basic machine stitches
3. Decorating a pair of socks with lace or embroidery
4. Basic programming of decorative stitches on a computer sewing machine
5. How to pick a pattern (number of pattern pieces, what notions you need, recommended fabrics, how much fabric you need
6. How to measure yourself to find the right pattern size
7. Sew a service project
8. Make cancer caps for charity
9. Learn about different fabric types, widths, textures, etc
10. Sew a puppet

The leader of the troop should have the girl scout manual to show you the page with the requirements. I make sure everything is ready beforehand because once the girls arrive; they are excited and want to get started right away. At the end they each get a sewing ribbon award from my studio, and a copy of either my summer camp brochure or my winter brochure. MANY new students join our classes because they had a fun and rewarding experience at the Girls Scouts or Brownies workshop.

handmade purple ribbon pillow and lined shoulder bag sitting next to a sewing machine
These two sewing projects, a colorful ribbon pillow and a lined shoulder strap purse are perfect for older students like a girl-scout troop wanting to learn to sew and earn their sewing badge.

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  1. Kandia Haynesworth
    | Reply

    What another great idea! Only that I was never a girl scout so I do not know about earning badges.. How would I get the badges for them to earn? I also do embroidery so it would not be a problem to create one – even out of my logo if necessary. I’m just so new to this and not familiar with the girl scouts thing.. Would you mind explaining the badge process.

    Thanks so much! I cannot say it enough, how wonderful this site is and you are for providing all of this information!

    – Kandia

    • I do not supply the actual badge, the girl scout leader is in charge of that. In the girl scout and brownie booklet, is a list of things the girls need to do to earn their badge. I don’t have that list anymore, and I’m sure they update it often, but the girls needed to do 7 out of the 9 things on the list if I remember right. (It has been a while, at least 2 years since I have held a girl scout workshop.) A lot of troops do not have the funds to pay for a sewing workshop. Most of them save their funds for trips. I have found the troops that I helped had leaders that didn’t know the first thing about sewing. I also raised my prices a lot for that class because I needed to allow money to pay a 2nd and most of the time a 3rd instructor.

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