quiltbee6I would recommend hosting a home show once you have an established sewing school. The idea in hosting a home show would be to “show off” your students best work to their family and friends, and to have an “open house” for your students to invite their friends to see their work and where they sew. It is best to have it as an “open house” come and go, open all day. Sunday afternoons work best. Make sure you have all of your brochures ready and sitting around for people to easily pick up. Offer light refreshments and have soft music playing.  Have scrap fabric ready at your machine and your students could show their friends how to straight stitch and zigzag stitch. That alone will intrigue a friend to want to learn to sew!

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  1. Kandia Haynesworth
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    I am truly glad to have found this website!
    My mind is constantly racing with ideas and this was not one of them! Thanks for this – you are truly awesome!
    – Kandia

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