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05/22/16 – New Page: Raggedy Quilt Workshop

05/10/16 – New Page: Not So Scary Monsters Sewing Workshop

02/23/15 – New Page: Memory Quilt Workshop

02/15/15 – New Page: Mommy & Me Sewing Class

01/11/15 – Update Information: Lots of New Info and Photos on: Host a Quilt Show – Kids Making Quilts

01/11/15  Update Information: Lots of New Info on: Host a Girls Scout Troop

01/10/15  Update Information: What to Charge Your Students

01/08/15 Update Information: Host a Sleep-Over Sewing Party

01/04/15 – New Page: Free Studio Time

12/20/14 – New Page: Disney’s FROZEN Party for Kids

09/10/14 – New Page: Reason 2 – Why My Sewing Studio was so Successful so Quickly

08/30/14 – New Page: Fall Workshop to Offer Your Sewing Students: Make American Girl Halloween Costumes

02/02/14 – New Page: Reason 1 – Why My Sewing Studio was so Successful so Quickly

01/21/14 – New Page: Some Bunny Loves You Sewing Party! (This is a very popular workshop sewing party!)

01/21/14 – New Info: Keeping Good Records

01/16/14 – New Info: Are You Ready To Start Teaching Sewing to Others?

01/16/14 – New Page: New Students’ Second Sewing Project Suggestion

01/13/14 – New Page: Sewing Student Internship Program

01/10/14 – New Page: (on our sister-site) Descriptions of Different Style Skirts

01/10/14 – New Page: How to Get Students to Your Sewing Studio

01/08/14 – New Page: Quilt Clubs & Workshops

01/06/14 – New Page:  Make Clothes for Your American Girl Doll Sewing Class

01/04/14 – New Page: Organizing Your Sewing Studio