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  1. Sharmila D'souza
    | Reply

    Hi Judy
    I live in Mississauga, Ontario.
    I have been a stay at home Mum for a long time.
    First by choice and then my daughter lost her leg to the flesh eating disease.
    Since I have no experience for a long time getting a job in an office has been difficult.
    That is when I decided to look into teaching sewing.
    I have a Diploma in Dressmaking and Fashion Design from India.
    Your website is totally amazing since I have no clue how to go about starting a class.
    I have a few questions.
    If you could get in touch with me by email that would be great.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Sunny skies and high fives.

  2. ruth green
    | Reply

    i do a lot of sewing and now haaave a lot of free timeon my hands i would love to teach kids to sew im fro wa in austrais and in our town no one can sew so i thought of the idea but dont know wheree to start as in my home i have much room for a lot of girls at ta time but i have sewing machines and overlockers id appreciate your help as would i have to have a police clearance and insurance
    all ive had is people saying no i cant be done as its too hard but after seeing your site i thought you may be able to guide me along the way cheers ruth

    • Hi Ruth,
      I have never heard of a police clearance but you live in a different country than I, so just check with all of the local and state rules that you have before you begin. Best of luck with everything!

    • Terry
      | Reply

      The police clearance is probably very easy to obtain. Go to your local police station, tell them you what you want. In the US it’s called a background check, and there is usually a fee to obtain one. It may have to be redone annually. It’s a good idea for everyone working with children to have one for the parents’ peace of mind, and your insurance company might even require it.

  3. Perina
    | Reply

    Hi There,
    I am a single, working mother to a 2yr old daughter. I have been sewing on and off again since i was ten. NOw i realise how valuable of a skill it is i want to pass it on to my daughter.
    Whatever i have created, friends and family have suggested i should sell my creations.
    I have been tossing over this idea of selling my creations or teaching for the past month now.
    As i have gone through your site i am confident, that i can do both and i am really looking forward to starting a studio a room in Henderson, New Zealand.
    Thank you so much for your guidance(and keep it coming).

  4. Patricia Gordon
    | Reply

    Hi there
    I have been sewing for over 40 years. Making wedding garments, men suits etc. I would like to teach others to learn to sew. I would like advice on how to start a sewing studio
    looking forward to hearing from you
    Patricia Gordon

    • Hi Patricia,
      We try and add important information weekly to the site to help those out who want to teach others to sew, so just check our “updates” page often for the newest information, photo, or page. There is a lot of information on the site on how to start out, and also information for once you are established like what workshops and classes to offer. We have so much more information and pages to add but it is just me that works on the site in-between teaching. I do my best to try and add new pages whenever I can. Best of luck to you.

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