After my first year of being a sewing instructor in my own studio I was so happy with how excited and pleased both the students and parents were. I had a vision that if I could, I would give every person in the world the opportunity to learn to sew, so, guided by a friend, I began my website, I ask her what do I write about? She looked around my little sewing corner of the den and shouted, “Pins, write about pins. You know a lot about pins, but people reading your site will not. You need to educate them from the start.” So,” my first page was about pins! Now my website is 1,400 pages where you can find everything from fashion design articles, hundreds of free patterns and projects, and quilting crafting ideas.

I get so many emails asking me about ideas from people who want to open up their own sewing studio that I decided to offer that information to everyone too. Thus, began this website you are reading now. Yes…, I am providing all my secrets and projects on my websites. I just like to share my love of sewing! Enjoy!



teen girl sewing at a sewing machine